INSPIRED conferences and events

OncoGen Center has hosted on May 25 -27, 2017 the 29th National Conference of the Romanian Physiology Society with international attendance, Personalized Physiology from Concept to Precision Medicine. The scientific programme of the conference was equally focused on basic and clinical research, with emphasis on translational research.

The conference started with the presentation by Prof. Rudolf Valenta from the Medical University of Vienna, who highlighted the need for a preventive examination in allergic disease and the development of new diagnostic methods for allergy based on recombinant allergens.

Professor’s Valenta lecture was followed by a symposium devoted to young physicians, Modern therapeutic approaches in respiratory diseases: Inflammation between Alert and Response – the Gateway to Precision Medicine in Respiratory Diseases and by an interactive lecture, Hands-on in Allergic Respiratory Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment, given by Prof. Carmen Panaitescu and Assist. Prof. Laura Marusciac. These workshops aimed to bring to the attention of specialist doctors the novelties regarding the pathogenic mechanisms involved in the onset of asthma and up to establishing therapeutic strategies for the future.

A meeting of the INSPIRED team members also took place in the first day of conference. This work session was attended by the Scientific Advisory Board of the project, composed of Prof. Rudolf Valenta, Prof. Marianne van Hage and Prof. Hans Grönlund. Discussions were centred around the obstacles encountered so far in the implementation of the INSPIRED project and the solutions to overcome them, as well as on the future strategies for project success.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to innovative therapies and immunotherapy in cancer, inflammatory diseases and allergies. Among the international researchers who presented their work, the director of the INSPIRED project, Dr. Kuan-Wei Chen (Medical University of Vienna) raised the issue of ragweed spreading across Europe, leading to increased numbers of sensitized patients, and presented the therapies recommended for this allergy. On the same day, topics related to regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and cardiovascular physiology were also addressed.


The last day of the conference was committed to Neuroscience and Medical Education, with presentations in the field of brain physiology covering the first part of the day, while the new methods of teaching and learning in Physiology were discussed afterwards.

The main goal of this conference was to bring scientific breakthroughs closer to the development and implementation of new therapeutic concepts in precision medicine. University professors and world renown researchers, such as Prof. Rudolf Valenta (Medical University of Vienna), Prof. Torsten Tonn (Dresden University of Technology), Prof. Denis Corbeil (Dresden University of Technology), Prof. Hannes Stockinger (Medical University of Vienna), together with recognized medical personalities from Romania, talked on current themes in cutting-edge medical research.